How to start using Mazda Toolbox

This Guide explains the very first steps of using Toolbox: how to connect your Infotainment System to your PC and how to log in with your username and password.

After Mazda Toolbox has been started, you can see a welcome screen that informs you that there is currently no SD card connected to the computer.

At this point, please connect the infotainment system’s SD card to your PC. Please also make sure that:

  • Your PC is connected to the internet,
  • The Navigation had been already launched in your vehicle, and that
  • Your SD card has enough free space for the updates you would like to install. You will see the amount of available free space on the left side of the screen, once Toolbox has recognized the card.

Connecting the SD card

  1. Please insert your SD card to the SD card-reader slot of your computer. When the SD card has been successfully connected, Mazda Toolbox shows a temporary screen to let you know it is in the process of recognizing the card. This can take several minutes.
  2. Once Mazda Toolbox has recognized the SD card, you will be prompted to log in if you already have a registered user account, or, alternatively, to register a new user account.
  3. You also have the possibility to reset your password, in case you already have a registered account but you do not remember the corresponding password.


  1. In order to log in, please provide your email address and your password, the click on Login. If the entered data is correct, you can access the Home screen of Mazda Toolbox.


If you would like to register a new user account, please click on the Register button.

  1. First, you will be prompted to enter an email address that will be linked to your account. Please make sure to provide a valid email address, as it will be necessary in case you have forgotten your password and you want to reset it.
  2. After entering the email address and clicking on Next, you will be prompted to enter a password, then re-enter it in the following field in order to confirm it.
  3. Then, please click Next to proceed to the following step, where you can choose your country of residence. After selecting your country, again, click Next to proceed.
  4. On the following screen, you will see the Terms and Conditions. Please read the information displayed on this page carefully, then click Agree to proceed.
  5. On the following screen, you can subscribe to the newsletter to receive notifications about updates, special offers and other announcements. You can tick the checkbox to subscribe, or leave it unticked if you do not wish to subscribe. Once you have made your choice, click Next to proceed.
  6. The following screen informs you about your successful registration. By clicking on Continue, you will get to the Home screen, which is the main menu of Mazda Toolbox.

Home screen

  1. After you have successfully registered a new account and logged in, you will see the Mazda Toolbox home screen.
  2. On the Home screen, you have four possibilities.
    • Clicking on the Available updates button shows you the updates that are available for your infotainment system.
    • The Buy content button enables you to buy additional map updates or connected services for your infotainment system.
    • With the Redeem a code button, you can redeem a scratch code that enables you to download the latest contents for your infotainment system.
    • In the Settings menu, you can see and edit details of your user account, and you can manage, backup and restore the contents of your infotainment system.