How to install Mazda Toolbox

Installation of Mazda Toolbox is quick and easy. After downloading the installer file, simply double-click the file to start the installation.

  1. First you need to select the language of the Installation Wizard.
  2. During the installation process follow the instructions on the screen and click Next.
  3. If you checked the "I would like to start Mazda Toolbox now." option, Mazda Toolbox will start automatically after installation.

Toolbox has an AutoUpdate feature, which prompts you to upgrade it at every startup if there is a newer version available. If you choose to upgrade, you will go through the same installation procedure again as described above. You must have administrator privileges on your computer to be able to update the software. If you are notified about an update without the possibility of performing it, please contact your network administrator.

For advanced users or network administrators, it is also possible to download Mazda Toolbox and install it silently from the command line. To do that, type 'Mazda-Toolbox-inst.exe /S'.


Mazda Toolbox How To Guide for Windows

Mazda Toolbox How To Guide for OSX


– Please note that Toolbox requires a minimum display resolution of 1024*768 and 10 Gb free space on your hard drive.