Music, news, sports, podcasts or talk radio—everything you want to hear is accessible right here, for your listening pleasure and convenience. The system is easy to use—simply follow the prompts on the display to access the desired entertainment program.

Is my device compatible?

Getting Started

For many features, you must use a smartphone that is compatible and paired to the system. To check compatibility and get pairing instructions, simply click here. For more detailed information, please refer to your owner's manual.


Many functions can be easily operated using voice commandsmultimedia commander or touch screen. For safety reasons, touch screen operations are disabled when the vehicle is in motion. However, the multimedia commander and voice recognition remain fully functional. Some features require data usage; check your plan to see if additional fees will be incurred.

AM/FM Radio

Compact Disc Player


AUX (Auxiliary Jack) Mode

USB Mode

Volume and Sound Settings

Aha™ Radio—Use your phone to easily access and organise your favourite content from the web into personalised, live, on-demand stations, then sync the experience to your car with your paired smartphone with Bluetooth® connection. Learn more.

Stitcher™ Radio is an application that gives you access to thousands of radio shows and podcasts streamed directly to your device without downloading or syncing. Learn more.

Bluetooth® Audio—Access audio content on your smartphone or portable audio player in your vehicle via Bluetooth®. Learn more.