Entertainment - Bluetooth®

What is Bluetooth® audio?

Bluetooth® audio allows you to play music wirelessly through your vehicle’s audio system using a compatible, Bluetooth®-equipped device that has been paired with the system.

How do I know if my device will work with the system?

Click here to see if your Bluetooth®-equipped device is compatible.

How do I set up my device to work with the system?

Click here for instructions on pairing your compatible device with your vehicle.

How do I make calls using voice recognition?

When your paired phone is in the vehicle and turned on, you can make and answer calls without touching your phone. Just follow these simple commands and the system will walk you through the rest of the commands with ease.

At any time you may press the TALK button and after the beep say:
  • “CALL” or “DIAL”
  • “CALL” or “DIAL” + the person’s name you want to call (example: “CALL JOHN SMITH”).
  • “CALL” or “DIAL” + the number you want to dial (example: “CALL 555-1212”).

Functions and options using voice recognition:
  1. Say “REDIAL” to call the last contact dialed.
  2. Say “CALL BACK” to call the last person who called you.
  3. Say “GO TO CONTACTS” or “SHOW CONTACTS” to display contact list.
  4. Say “RECENT CALLS” to display call history.

How will performance of voice recognition compare to that of my smartphone or mobile device?

The system uses your device’s mobile service, so the same level of performance will apply. For example, if you experience static on your smartphone due to low signal strength, then you will also experience static using voice recognition.

Where can I find assistance for using voice recognition?

To access help for using voice recognition:
  1. Press the TALK button.
  2. After the beep, say, “HELP” for options in your current area of operation.

To access voice recognition tutorials:
  1. Press the TALK button.
  2. After the beep, say, “TUTORIALS.”
  3. Select from General, Audio, Phone and Advanced for a brief review of basic commands in that area of operation.

Why does my device’s battery seem to drain more quickly when I use Bluetooth®?

The battery performance of your mobile device depends on many factors, including the features and settings you use. Utilising the Bluetooth® feature in some devices may drain the device’s battery more quickly. To preserve battery strength, turn Bluetooth® off when you are not using it.

Can I use the buttons on the multimedia commander to control my compatible, paired Bluetooth® audio device?

Yes. Tilt or turn the multimedia commander and move the cursor to the desired icon for play, pause, forward or skip. Press the multimedia commander to select the desired icon.

What kind of audio quality can I expect from the Bluetooth® audio feature?

Audio quality will vary by device, network and music files.

If my device is not Bluetooth®-equipped, can I play music through the vehicle’s audio system?

Yes, you can listen to an iPod® or other compatible portable audio player through your vehicle’s speakers using the USB mode or by connecting it to the AUX (auxiliary jack).

Why is it sometimes hard to hear my Bluetooth® through the audio speakers?

This may be due to an improperly adjusted volume control setting on the mobile phone or audio device. For best performance when using Bluetooth®, first adjust the volume level on your mobile phone or audio device to the highest possible level before distortion starts, then adjust the volume on the audio system.

Some vehicles exhibit low volume when using Bluetooth®. This requires the audio volume to be turned unusually high to achieve normal listening levels. When you’re finished using Bluetooth®, reduce the volume level again because the audio system re-engages and high volumes can occur on other modes including radio, CD, or auxilliary.

How many contacts can my system hold?

You can import up to 1,000 contacts from your connected phone via Bluetooth®, including address and image, when applicable.

Is it necessary to pair my mobile phone after updating the phone software?

After updating the operating system of your mobile device (such as Windows, Android or iOS), pairing information may be invalidated. If this occurs, follow the pairing procedure to add it again. Similarly, if your dealer updates the vehicle software you may need to re-pair your device.

I am having trouble reconnecting or re-pairing my phone to the handsfree system. What should I do?

Delete the handsfree system from the Bluetooth® menu on your phone and delete your phone from the Bluetooth® menu on the handsfree system. Follow appropriate procedures to connect or pair your phone.

How should I speak when using the voice recognition feature of the handsfree system?

Speak in a normal voice, not too fast, too slow, or too loud. When speaking a contact’s name, speak in a fluid manner. Do not pause between first and last names.

After I reach the end of a playlist or album, why does my iPhone pause and then resume shuffling the entire music library?

This is the normal operation of the iPhone and it is not affected by the Bluetooth connection to the Mazda Handsfree System. The album or playlist will have to be manually selected to continue playing it.

Why doesn't my iPod (iPod Touch (1G) and iPod Touch (2G)) or iPhone (iPhone (1G), iPhone (3G)) display the song/artist information on the vehicle display?

The Bluetooth profile AVRCP 1.3 or higher is required on both the vehicle and the device to support displaying the information in the vehicle. In this case, the vehicle supports the profile but the devices do not. Therefore the device is not sending the song/artist information to be displayed.


Entertainment - Aha™ Radio


What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, it is easy to reset. From the login screen in the mobile application, simply tap the Forgot Password link below the password field. After providing your account email address, you will receive an email with a link that will take you through the process of resetting your password.

What are station types?

You may choose from the following station types: Podcasts, Audiobooks, Internet Radio (internet only as well as internet streams of AM/FM stations), Music Services, Local Search (Yelp), and Social Media (Facebook and Twitter).

What is the station manager?

The Station Manager within the mobile application supports categories and search, so you can find the content you’re looking for more easily. If you see a station you’re interested in, visit the Station Info page to read more about it or listen to a preview.

Are controls and options the same for every type of station?

No. Depending on the type of station, some of the controls and options may vary. For example, streaming radio is a live broadcast, so you can’t fast forward or rewind the way you could with a podcast or audiobook. Also, only Facebook and some Community stations support SHOUT recording.

How do I access featured content?

To access the Featured Content section, within the mobile application tap the button at the top left of screen to reveal the side Menu. Select Featured to reveal currently featured stations. These stations contain a mix of great content to get you started right away. Featured content changes frequently. If you see a program you like, be sure to select the +Add to Presets button to save the program to your presets.


Do I have to associate my accounts with Aha™ to access my Facebook and Twitter feeds?

Yes. Within the mobile application go to Aha™ Settings and select Associated Accounts. Provide your account details as prompted for each account. To disconnect an associated account, select Unlink Account.

Facebook and Twitter then need to be added as presets within your Aha™ mobile application to enable you to access the feeds in your car.

You can also connect your Facebook or Twitter account to Aha™ the first time you visit the Facebook station within the mobile application. Just follow the prompts for associating your account.

What Facebook features can I access with Aha™?

By translating text to audio, Aha™ allows you to listen to audio versions of your Facebook News Feed. You can also record and post playable audio messages, or Shouts, to your Facebook wall. Associate your Facebook account with Aha™ and add as a preset to get started.

What if my Facebook has no updates or content?

Facebook limits developer access to the last 24 hours of feed updates. If you don’t have any relevant updates during that time the station will be empty.

There could be a problem with your Facebook Connect session. Within the mobile application, go to Aha™ Settings and select Associated Accounts. Select Unlink Account and then associate your Facebook account again.

If you are still experiencing problems, submit a support request to support@aharadio.com and we will look into it.

What Twitter features can I access with Aha™?

Listen to audio versions of your Twitter feed and retweet messages you like. Associate your Twitter account with Aha™ and add as a preset to get started.

If you haven’t associated your Twitter account with Aha™, or you don’t have a personal Twitter account, you may still enjoy some of our Twitter List stations created from curated lists of popular Twitter users, celebrities for example.


What are Shouts?

Some stations offer the option of recording audio messages up to 30 seconds long. These are called Shouts. How they are used can vary by station type.

Facebook—Recording a SHOUT within your Facebook station will post a playable audio file on your Facebook wall that also appears in your friends’ News Feeds.

Community—Aha™ offers a variety of community Shout stations spanning topics ranging from Karaoke to Driver Rants. If you don’t see the topic you want, let us know at support@aharadio.com.

How do I use Shouts on Facebook?

Create a Shout by tapping the microphone button at the bottom of the screen and record a short message. It will soon appear on your Facebook wall and friends’ News Feeds as a playable audio file. Unfortunately, you cannot listen to your own Shouts.


What is the Hungry station?

The Hungry station enables you to search for places to eat based on your location. Access Hungry and other local search stations by navigating to the “NEARBY” screen in the Aha™ menu in the car.

What is the Coffee station?

The Coffee station enables you to search for coffee shops based on your location. Access Coffee and other local search stations by navigating to the “NEARBY” screen in the Aha™ menu in the car.


How do I change views?

If the station you are listening to in Aha™ offers multiple episodes or content choices, you can tap the button at the top right corner of the screen to choose between Slideshow and List View.

Slideshow—Navigate easily from episode to the next using Slideshow. This is the default view for most stations.

List View-See multiple episodes at once by scrolling through a running list then select the one you want to play.


Will playing Aha™ increase my data usage?

Unless you have an unlimited data plan for your phone, extensive use of Aha™ can significantly increase your data usage. Visit the Usage tracker within Settings to see how much data you have used since installing the Aha™ app to your phone (excluding WiFi). As a guide, listening to an hour of live audio uses 30-60MB of data.

You can minimise data usage by disabling Stream Caching in the Settings area of the mobile application. This may adversely impact audio playback in some coverage areas, however, you can enable and disable this feature as often as you like.

How can I edit Presets?

You can remove/delete a Preset or change the order of appearance by selecting Edit Presets from the side Menu screen within the mobile application. Tap the up/down arrows to change the order. To remove a station, tap the circle next to the station name and a Delete button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Location based services such as Coffee and Hungry stations cannot be deleted.

How do I allow explicit content?

By default Aha™ automatically filters and blocks explicit content for you. If you would like to enable the ability to listen to explicit podcasts, as well as comedy or user-generated shouts, within the mobile application go to Settings and switch Allow Explicit Content to On. If you attempt to play an explicit podcast without first enabling explicit content, you will be reminded to update your settings. In stations where explicit content is mixed with non-explicit content, the explicit content items will be filtered out entirely until you change the setting.




What is my username?

Your username is the login name you entered during the registration process, when you created your navigation user account. If you forget your username, you can also use your email address as a username. Alternatively, use our Forgot username or password page to recover your username.

I forgot my username or password. What can I do?

If you forget your username, you can also use your email address as a username. Alternatively, use our Forgot username or password page to recover your username and/or password.


What kind of payment methods can I use?

You can pay by all major credit cards or Pay Pal. Due to Connected Services be a Europe-wide service, currently the payment is made in Euro, before being converted to Pound Sterling by your bank.

Is the online payment safe on Naviextras.com?

The online payment system is operated by one of the world’s biggest online payment processor companies, WorldPay.com, an affiliate of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). It uses https secure transmission data protocol. You provide your credit card data directly to WorldPay and Naviextras.com does not receive or store any sensitive data. WorldPay informs Naviextras.com if your payment was successful or not.

I do not have credit cards for online payment. / I do not want to pay online.

At the moment online payment is the only accepted payment method.

Updating - The update process

How can I update my existing maps or buy extra maps?

Mazda provides free map updates for 3 years. To buy updates after the 3 years, click here or use the Mazda Naviextras Toolbox. Pricing information for map updates after the initial 3 years is not yet confirmed but will be competitive with other map providers.

How long does it take to download the map updates?

The download time depends on your internet speed. To download content, you are advised to use a broadband internet connection.

Updating - Common Questions / Problems

If I have more than one Mazda vehicle, can I update both of them with the content I purchased?

No. Purchased contents can only be used on one vehicle.

I think I am entitled to receive free map updates, but it seems only pay updates are available. Why?

Mazda offers free map updates for 3 years. After 3 years you must purchase updates.

Naviextras Toolbox - General questions

What is Naviextras Toolbox?

Naviextras Toolbox is a free PC tool used to manage the content on your device, create backups, and download and install maps and updates purchased on Naviextras.com.

How can I download Naviextras Toolbox?

You can download the Naviextras Toolbox installer from the Downloads page for free.

How can I get the latest version of Naviextras Toolbox? How can I update Naviextras Toolbox?

Naviextras Toolbox has a self-update feature which prompts you to update it as soon as a newer version is available. If you feel uncomfortable using this automatic update method, please visit the Downloads page, and download the installer for the latest Naviextras Toolbox version.

Some files are missing/corrupted on my SD card/navigation device memory.

If you made a backup with Naviextras Toolbox, you can restore the original configuration from the backup file stored on your computer. Otherwise, please contact your dealer for a replacement SD card.

Naviextras Toolbox - Common Problems and Errors

I have purchased connected services, but it does not appear for my , when I connect it to Naviextras Toolbox.

Please contact our Customer Care Team, with as much detail as possible.

Common error messages in Toolbox

When I try to update Naviextras Toolbox I get a “Download error” message, and the installation fails. What should I do?

This problem can be solved by connecting a SD card to Naviextras Toolbox, and only then attempting to update.

Naviextras Toolbox gives me the following error: “There was an error during the processing of the requested operation. Please try again later.”

This error is caused by an Anti-virus program, called G-Data Antivirus, because of a function called WEB PROTECT that runs in the back, even when G-Data Antivirus looks deactivated. Once WEB PROTECT is turned off, the error code is not displayed anymore and downloads start properly and finish without problems. If you have trouble turning this function off, please get in touch with the manufacturer of the software.


I know where I am going. Why do I need a navigation system?

GPS navigation helps you find the most efficient routes to your destinations, saving you time, fuel and money. Your Mazda navigation system gives you more than just directions from A to B, it helps you to find the things you need, the nearest car park, hotel, fuel station or restaurant. With the added benefits of traffic information, it will also offer an alternative route when your usual route is congested. For peace of mind, it can pinpoint your exact location should you need roadside assistance.

What are the advantages of the Mazda in-dash navigation system?

The Mazda navigation system is designed to meet safety regulations and automotive specifications. The unit links into the vehicle electronics, such as the speed sensor and gyro sensor, to provide dead reckoning when the GPS signal is lost thus keeping you on track. The screen size and quality is optimized for viewing and is also ergonomically positioned on the dashboard to ensure minimal driver distraction. Combined with all other multimedia functions, in-dash navigation enables a more comfortable driving experience.

Why should I update my maps?

An up-to-date map guides you with the most accurate and efficient routing to help you save time. The road network is constantly changing, but having a fresh map ensures you have the wealth of information you need to find your destination with ease. This includes new and updated road networks, new build up areas and thousands of Points of Interest - from fuel stations to airports and from restaurants to hotels. With a new map you can be comfortable knowing that you have the latest information available for your Navigation System, providing you with a better travel experience whether on business or leisure.

Who provides the map data?

Mazda uses NAVTEQ Maps as their provider as they are the world leader in premium-quality digital map data and content. The NAVTEQ map is built on the roads of the world by over 2,000 geographic analysts and produces a map that the world turns to 100 million times each day.

Who is NAVTEQ Maps and where can I access more information on them?

NAVTEQ Maps is MAZDA’s digital map provider and is the world leader in premium-quality map data and content. NAVTEQ maps drive most of the in-car navigation systems made in both Europe and North America. To find out more, visit www.navteq.com.

How often are new map updates or map products released?

Updated maps are generally available twice a year. To be informed when a new map product becomes available for your navigation system, register here at https://mazda-row.naviextras.com/.

The map / navigation system that I purchased does not contain a road that I know it exists and I am certain I have the most recent map update available. What can I do?

Map Reporter is an exclusive, easy way to inform Mazda’s map supplier NAVTEQ about changes on the roads you drive and the POI’s you are interested in. Millions of people everywhere help keep NAVTEQ’s maps fresh in by this method. With its user-friendly Web interface, you can pinpoint the exact location where a map change may be needed. Simply visit www.mapreporter.com, point, click and report changes.

My Navigation System does not always display what I know is the shortest/fastest route?

We all know shortcuts within our local areas that we use avoid rush hour traffic or poorly timed traffic lights. Navigation systems calculate routes using the detailed information within the map database and take into account various circumstances including actual distance, average speed, physical / functional classification of the road, turn restrictions and more. Personal preferences can be factored into the route if your navigation system offers the functionality to input preferences into the system. Such preferences could include motorways, toll roads, emphasizing speed over distance, and allowing the user to avoid specific roads or areas.

I need more information about these services.

- Local Search
Drivers will be able to request information on local businesses at origin, destination, or along a route. Attributes such as reviews or ratings will be displayed on the device, and drivers will be able to set a navigation course to any of chosen locations (pending map coverage). Updated information for millions of places are supported in this package, and drivers will always be benefitting from the latest available data to find exactly what they need while on the move.

- Fuel Price information
Drivers will be able to get valuable fuel price information at fuel stations around current position or along the route. With thousands of fuel stations and respective fuel type prices info tightly integrated into the navigation environment, drivers are able to select from the best fueling option, either in their home cities or far away from home.

- Live weather information
Valuable weather information will be displayed on the map or from the weather information menu for forecast conditions across thousands of locations. While on route, drivers will see predicted weather on the map matched with the estimated arrival time at waypoints or destination.

- Live Traffic
Enables drivers to see real time traffic conditions around their current location and along an existing or planned navigation route. The navigation software will suggest alternative routes depending on traffic, and drivers will benefit from a clear, predictable visual assessment of their journey, enabling them to set clear expectations with regards to their journies but also to design escape strategies while on the move.

Updates and Payment

How secure are my payment details?

For security, all personal details and credit card details once entered are encrypted.

How long does it take to download the product?

The download time depends on your internet connection bandwidth.

How do I return or exchange the download product that I have purchased?

Downloaded products are not eligible for refund or exchange.

Toolbox and content installation

What is Toolbox?

The Toolbox is a free computer software tool with which allows you to manage the contents of Mazda navigation system, create backups and load map data as well as software updates on to your device.

How do I download Toolbox?

The Toolbox software can be found on the device directly. To start the software, the active device must be connected to a PC via a USB cable. The device will be recognised by your PC and the software will start automatically. If you have disabled the autorun function on your PC, you can start the Toolbox software manually. To do this, go to the newly added external drive, open the Toolbox folder and start the ".exe" program by double-clicking on it. To download Toolbox directly, please click here.

How can I obtain the latest version of Toolbox?

Once a new version of Toolbox is available, the program will automatically instruct you to update your current version. If you would rather not work with this automated feature, you can choose to install the newest Toolbox from the site, and download the installation program accompanying the latest version of Toolbox.


Naviextras Toolbox is currently compatible with all the Windows OS (Not including server OS) and macOS that are still supported by Microsoft and Apple. If you use an unsupported platform, please contact your dealer for more information.

What do I need to pay attention at the first usage?

When using the Mazda Toolbox on Catalina macOS for the first time, an additional permission is required to allow the application to access files on your data carrier/device. Please allow this, otherwise the Mazda Toolbox won’t run anymore.

Can I change the application permission settings later?

You can set the application permissions anytime in System Preferences. Go to Security & Privacy > Files and Folders and tick the box next to Removable volumes under the Mazda Toolbox application.

The navigation software/map/other content has been deleted or become corrupted from my navigation device/software. How can I restore it?

If you have a backup, you can use Toolbox to recover your device. If not, we suggest you to contact your car dealership.