Compact Disc (CD) Player

The CD player will play music data from MP3/WMA/AAC files. If a disc has multiple file types, playback of each type may differ depending on how the disc was recorded.

Using the CD player:

  1. Select ENTERTAINMENT from the Home screen. The display will return to the last audio source visited (default is FM radio), the Entertainment menu will be visible at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select CD.

Insert a CD and allow to play automatically:

  1. Insert the CD into the slot, label-side up.
  2. The auto-loading mechanism will set the CD and it will begin playing (after a brief pause while the player reads the digital signals on the CD).


– The appearance of REPEAT and SHUFFLE icons changes depending on the type of operation in which the function is being used.

– Instructions may vary, depending on your system's version of software.