Text Messaging

Text messages received by compatible connected devices can be downloaded, displayed, read aloud and responded to, all from your vehicle.

Display notification of received SMS messages:

  1. Select COMMUNICATION from the Home Screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Switch SMS Notification to ON; to turn notification off, switch to OFF.
  4. Switch Auto Download Text (SMS/MMS) to ON; to turn automatic downloading off, switch to OFF.


Download and view messages manually from your connected device:

  1. Select SMS from the Communication menu.
  2. Select Update Messages (SMS); download from connected mobile phone will begin.
  3. Select message from list.


Receive and view messages from notifications:

  1. Select Notifications from the Communication menu.
  2. Select message from list.


Functions and options:

  1. Select INBOX LIST for list of current messages. Make your selection.
  2. Select PLAY for audio playback of message; press again to pause temporarily.
  3. Select PREVIOUS to display more recently received message.
  4. Select NEXT to display previously received message.
  5. Select REPLY; select Message select response from Message Preset List; select Send.

  6. Select CALL to make a call to the sender of the current message.
  7. Select DELETE to delete current message in both system and connected device.


Edit preset messages:

  1. Select Settings from the Communication menu.
  2. Select Preset Messages.
  3. Select preset message you wish to edit; use keyboard to edit; check to store revised preset message.



– When driving, the system will only read the message to you. You will not be able to view the message.

– Up to 15 preset messages can be selected for a reply when using a compatible device.

– Up to 20 new text messages can be downloaded and displayed from a connected device.

– Attached data is not downloaded.

– Messages up to 160-bytes (text message) can be downloaded.

– A message list is created for each device.

– Select arrow on keyboard to switch between capital and lower-case letters.

– Select BACK to return to previous screen without storing edit.

– Instructions may vary, depending on your system's version of software.