What is Bluetooth®?

Bluetooth® is the name of a wireless technology standard, which allows different types of electronic devices to interact via short-range radio waves. Owing to the versatility of Bluetooth® wireless technology, enabled devices do not all share the same profile. The Mazda Handsfree System is compatible with Bluetooth®-enabled devices that have a handsfree profile. The standard allows a wide range of devices to communicate with each other, with minimal user effort.

How do I know if my device will work with the Mazda Handsfree System?

Click here for a list of Bluetooth®-enabled devices that work with Mazda Handsfree System.

How do I set up my device to work with the Mazda Handsfree System?

Click here to find out how to set up (or "pair") your device with your vehicle.

How do I answer a call using the Mazda Handsfree System?

After pairing is complete, your device need only be in the vehicle and turned on. You can now answer calls without touching the device.

How do I make a call using the Mazda Handsfree System?

After pairing is complete, your device need only be in the vehicle and turned on. You can now make calls without touching the device.

To utilize the email functionality of my vehicle, what capabilities must my device have?

Your compatible device must have successfully implemented MAP (Message Access Profile). To ensure the safest driving experience, email messages will be read aloud by the system while the vehicle is in motion. You can respond to messages with one of fifteen preset messages. Click here to determine if your device is compatible with this feature.

My device’s battery charge level seems to run down more quickly when I use my Bluetooth®

Device battery performance depends on many factors, including the features and/or settings you select and use, including Bluetooth®. Utilising the Bluetooth® feature in some devices may result in the battery running down more quickly, if, therefore, you are not using the Bluetooth® feature, you should switch it off to preserve your device’s battery charge level.

What Bluetooth® Profile do I need on my device and what does that mean?

Your device must support the Bluetooth® Handsfree profile in order for it to work correctly with the Mazda Handsfree System. A device may support many Bluetooth® profiles in order to communicate with multiple devices. Each Bluetooth® profile works independently of every other profile, so even though the device may operate correctly with other devices (via Bluetooth®), this is no guarantee that the device will operate correctly with the Mazda Handsfree System.

I want to use the speaker enrollment or voice train feature but I can't find the commands.

Click here for a printable list of enrollment commands for the speaker enrollment feature.

How often is the website updated?

The Mazda Handsfree website information is updated every 2 weeks.

What should I do if I experience Bluetooth® pairing or connections difficulties?

Try any of the following, Reboot the device – Clear all pairings in the device – Clear all pairings in the vehicle until there are NO DEVICES PAIRED.

Do I have to subscribe to a specific carrier?

No. The system uses your existing carrier.

I am having trouble reconnecting or re-pairing my device to the handsfree system. What should I do?

Delete the handsfree system from the Bluetooth menu on your device and delete your device from the Bluetooth menu on the handsfree system.

How should I speak when using the voice recognition feature of the handsfree system?

You should speak in a normal voice, not too fast, too slow, or too loud. When speaking a contact’s name, speak in a fluid manner. Do not pause between first and last names.

After I reach the end of a playlist or album, why does my iPhone pause and then resume shuffling the entire music library?

This is the normal operation of the iPhone and it is not affected by the Bluetooth connection to the Mazda Handsfree System. The album or playlist will have to be manually selected to continue playing it.

Why doesn't my iPod (iPod Touch (1G) and iPod Touch (2G)) or iPhone (iPhone (1G), iPhone (3G)) display the song/artist information on the vehicle display?

The Bluetooth profile AVRCP 1.3 or higher is required on both the vehicle and the device to support displaying the information in the vehicle. In this case, the vehicle supports the profile but the devices do not. Therefore the device is not sending the song/artist information to be displayed.