Listen to an iPod or other compatible portable audio player using the USB mode. Playable data includes: MP3/WMA/AAC/OGG files. Compatibility varies according to model or operating system (OS) version of device. Click here to see if your device is compatible. If incompatible device is connected, error message is displayed.

Using USB Mode:

  1. Connect portable audio player via USB connection.
  2. Select ENTERTAINMENT from the Home screen. The display will return to the last audio source visited (default is FM radio), the Entertainment menu will be visible at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select USB.

Functions and options:

  1. Select SONG LIST to display songs. Make your selection.
  2. Select ROOT FOLDER to display categories. Make your selection.
  3. Select REPEAT to play current song list repeatedly; press again to play current song repeatedly; press again to cancel.
  4. Select SHUFFLE to play songs in random order; press again to cancel.
  5. Select MORE LIKE THIS to create a playlist of songs on the device similar to the current song, based on artist, genre and age (uses Gracenote's More Like This™).
  6. Select PREVIOUS within the first few seconds of a song to go to previous song in list; select later than the first few seconds of a song to replay that song from the beginning; long-press to fast reverse, remove hand to stop.
  7. Select PLAY/PAUSE to play selected song; press again to temporarily pause.
  8. Select NEXT to advance to the next song in list; long-press to fast forward within currently playing song, remove hand to stop.
  9. Select SETTINGS to adjust sound quality levels; use commander knob to make adjustments.

Please Note:

– To move to specific place in playback, drag the slider appropriate time.

– The appearance of REPEAT and SHUFFLE icons change depending on type of operation in which the function is being used.

– Gracenote updates will be available every 6 months. 

– Instructions may vary, depending on your system's version of software.

– For some Apple devices, when playing in shuffle mode, track information may not be displayed correctly.

Using Root Folder:

  1. Select ROOT FOLDER to display list of categories, select desired category and item.
  2. Select Playlists to display all playlists on device.
  3. Select Artists to display list of songs on device by artist.
  4. Select Albums to display list of albums on device.
  5. Select Songs to display list of all songs on device.
  6. Select Genres to display list of songs on device by genre.
  7. Select Audiobooks to display list of audiobooks on device, select and play by chapter.
  8. Select Podcasts to display list of podcasts on device.
  9. Select Folders to display list of folders and files on device.


Please Note:

– An artist or album within a genre can be selected.

– Select  to move to folder one level higher.